The Crap That Keeps Me Alive!
Written by Administrator Friday, 30 September 2011 22:02
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 As I get older and sit here typing this at my desk while popping my shoulder repeatedly two things keep popping into my head (no pun intended).. The first is I can't believe how many players on my team are injured right now.  The second thing is I can't wait to get home to my ice pack. lol

As we all know dodgeball is riddled with injuries.  I've been fortunate enough to keep mine to a minimum.. two dislocated toes that popped back into place in my shoe, perpetually jammed pinky fingers, broken bersa in my elbow and some come and go shoulder pain that rarely shows its face.  Not bad for a 35 year old dude who throws himself around the court pretty repeatedly trying to hang with 20 year olds! lol Chances are you won't need this article until you are injured or old.. just keep it in mind.  :)

In order to remain relatively injury free I use a variety of of old man stuff.  I recommend these things to the older players, but more importantly to the younger players since they seem to be the one's getting injured way more than myself.  I look at these guys and think how the hell are they going to make it to my age playing.   That being said I'd like to share with you the crap that keeps me alive and by alive I mean able to play at a relatively competitive level. The links I'm providing are just for reference and I am not suggesting you purchase from them or at the price they are offering.  Look around you could find a great deal!

Elite-Kold Athletic Shoulder Ice Wrap


This sucker gets COLD!  I tried several ice packs/wraps in general and this is the only one I found that gets the job done.  The strap is good because it keeps it in place.  The elbow ice pack is sewn to the shoulder via an elastic band.  You can cinch the elbow pack down nice an tight to apply compression or move it up higher off you elbow to ice  a bicept.  Although I don't use this all the time it's awesome to have when you need it!



PB Elite Molded Foam Roller


Ever needed someone to pop your back or needed or wished you could get a deep tissue massage on the spot?  Recommended by my chiropractor I use this thing all the time.  They come in different densities/hardness/softness.  I prefer the roller that is black in color because that has the least amount of give to it.

With this I pop my back, roll out sore arms and legs by using my body weight and rolling back and forth.  Sounds hokey, but it really works.



Medi-Dyne Core Stretch


This thing is awesome!  It stretches out your shoulders and upper back.  Essentially you place the bottom bar across your lap, reach up grab the handlebars and lean forward.  It pulls you arms up and away from your body.  If you sit in a chair and cross one leg and do it you will stretch out your hamstrings as well.



Stressed Out Strees Free - Vincent Woon



Awesome website and youtube videos!  Found this guys when I was trying to figure out how to stretch out right behind my shoulder blade when the standard stretching wasn’t working.  He gives advice on aches and pains basically, flat feet, etc. and occasionally he even emails you personally to see what you’d like to learn.  Sign up for his newsletter.


Asics Unrestrained Knee Pads



Some of the best knee pads I’ve found.  Take care of your knees!  These are thick wrestling knee pads.  Kind of pricey, but worth it.  When I dropped I pretty much went through the standard volleyball kneepads and straight into the ground.  These have enough cushion.  They slide too on some gym floors and give you grip on others.  A great knee pad!


Teeter Hang-Ups Inversion Table



Inversion Tables are amazing!  Basically un-compresses your spine by hanging you upside down and letting gravity due the work.  When you’re bouncing an banging around it’s pretty hard on your back.  This will straighten you out.



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